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This is a photo of a family that was recently re-united.  The lady next to Linda is from Pakistan and is a United States citizen.  Over 12 years ago she applied for her brother to come to the United States.  Her brother, his wife and 3 children just arrived! 

 For the last 30 years, Trinity has been assisting those people who are eligible for immigration with their path toward citizenship.  We are privileged to help people on their journey to permanent residence and ultimately citizenship. Quickly approaching our 26th year we have assisted over 1,000 people in acquiring Citizenship! We also assist people in getting fingerprints, updating work permits and permanent resident cards. While we are not lawyers, we have 30+ years of experience and know all the rules. All inquiries are confidential.  Donations are always welcome and appreciated.

Finger prints cost $20.00 and require a picture ID and an $18.00 money order for the Treasury of the United States.


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