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Prayer List/Weekly Bulletin


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Prayer List and weekly announcements.

Trinity's Prayer Chain
Trinity has an active Prayer Chain. Anyone can start the chain. You can call the Church office and we will start the chain or you can call anyone on the list  below. You can be specific, giving a name and what the prayer is for, or general, just saying a friend needs prayers for good health, for example.

Confidentiality should be respected. As soon as one member of the chain gets a call, they will call the next person on the list until the chain is complete. It might take a little time before the chain is completed. We will strive to do our best!

Current Prayer chain members:

Marnie Pritchard
Janet Stephens
Pat Wilson
Dolores Palmquist
Linda Barber
Gale Blogg
Marilou Clohessy
Cathie Patterson
Chireen DeKing
Karen Dolan