Trinity Episcopal Church
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Sandwich Board

Every Thursday, 52 weeks per year, Trinity hosts the Sandwich Board, a combination of a service of Holy Communion and a hot, nutritious meal. The Sandwich Board is a collaboration of 8 Episcopal Churches from all over the Western Suburbs. Each Church hosts the meal either on a monthly or every other month basis. The Churches involved are: Trinity Episcopal Church, Aurora - Denzil Luckritz, Rector; St. David, Aurora - Liz Meade, Rector; St. John, Naperville; - Verna Fair, Rector; St. Andrew, Downers Grove - Greg Morris, Rector; St. Mark, Geneva - Mark Tusken and Claudia Naiven, Rectors; Grace, Hinsdale - Christian Pierce, Rector; and St. Charles, St. Charles - Stacy Walker-Frontjes, Rector. The service of Holy Communion is presided over by the priest from the hosting Church.

On March 16th, 2017, the Sandwich Board celebrated 32 years of service to Aurora's people in need. The Sandwich Board got its name from the early months in Lent in 1985 when the meal consisted of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. From five sandwiches that first week, it has grown to the point where we are averaging over 113 meals per week this year. During 2016 over 5,877 meals were provided.

For many of those attending the Sandwich Board, this is their Home Church, a place where they can come and worship where they know they will be respected and accepted. For others, it is a place where they can get at least one hearty, nutritious meal per week that they can relish and share with their friends. People attending Sandwich Board are a diverse group of individuals; individuals hurt by the weak economy, individuals down on their luck, families that have been evicted when their homes were foreclosed, people living on the street, people of every culture, people searching for a job, a place to live, a friend; people praying for their families, for our country, for our troops and for a better way of life.

On February 9th, 2014, Deacon John Dolan preached about his first experience attending the Sandwich Board. A copy of that sermon can be accessed by Clicking here for a PDF File