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The Green Team

10/2015 Since the lead person on the Green Team left the Parish, this page has not received much attention, despite continued efforts in this area. Since the last entry, Trinity has been audited for energy efficiency 3 times, twice by ConEd, and once by NiCor. The audits by ConEd included the complete replacement of all our lighting with energy efficient bulbs, the installation of a programmable thermostat for the Parish Hall, and the re-replacement of CFL bulbs with LED lighting.
The NiCor audit replaced most of our spigots with efficient flow nozzles, it also let us know of projects they are willing to support. We are currently waiting for our plumber to do a boiler tune up which will be repaid by NiCor.

Here is a link to the 2-15/16 Kane County Recycling Green Guide which lists all of Kane County's recycling resources! Click Here

Historical information
In 2010, Bishop Jeffry Lee established the Bishop's Task Force on Sustainability which in turn recruited members form churches around the Diocese to ban together to work on improving our environment. Trinity signed up early and has been active on the task force and in its own back yard. The Diocese has established a web site that is chock full of information, resources and tips and has a page, The Seven Pillars of Sustainability that details the efforts and goals of the Task Force.

At our church level, we have established the Green Team, our committee to plan and implement measures to make our church, our community and our lives more green. Our first step was to establish a policy on energy efficiency for the church, and receive training on EnergyStar's Portfolio Manager, a tool to record and monitor our energy usage so that we can see the results of our efforts. As of 12/1/2012, after 1 1/2 years in the program, we have reduced our consumption adjusted for weather by 52.7%. We then established Trinity's Energy Efficiency Plan which we have been implementing to achieve the aforementioned savings. As of 12/1/2012 our EnergyStar rating which began as a lowly 39 out of a possible 100 has risen to 74. This means Trinity is more efficient than 74% of all the Churches being mesured across the country. If we can get our rating to 75 or above we can be recognized by EnergyStar as an enegrgy efficient building! A change in 36 points is OUTSTANDING! It has also saved Trinity a lot of money.In 2009 our average monthly energy cost was $1,151. In 2012 our average monthly energy cost was $592, resulting in an annual saving of $6,892!

We continue to add green links on our resource page. Especially relevant to the reader are these two: Home Energy Saving Program and EnegyStar's web page. Both of them are state of the art with practical and helpful information on greening our planet!  In March of 2013 Trinity joined TerraCycle ( a website dedicated to eliminating the idea of waste! They pay for re-cycling items like juiceboxes, candy wrappers, keyboards, power bar wrappers, etc. They have hundreds of categories called brigades. You choose your brigade and save, send the items in and get paid for them. How wonderful!

But the Green Team is more than just a planning and monitoring effort. It is also an educational, advocacy and soul shaping group. We have been having movie nights, sending out surveys, and publishing a column in our newsletter called the Re-Cycle Bin.

March 2013 - Re-Cycle Bin
February 2011 - Re-Cycle Bin
March 2011 - Re-Cycle Bin
April 2011 - Re-Cycle Bin
September 2011 - Re-Cycle Bin

Trinity is an Energy Star Partner!